Consulting a Consultant: A Guide

A Guide on Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator fit testing involves searching for numerical or quantitative measurements that indicate the amount of seal leakage occurring in your face when you wear a respirator. Respirators became standard requirements for many people during the coronavirus pandemic, and they are a sure way of ensuring protection. Still, respirators need testing to ensure that the user does not inhale contaminants such as infectious agents, vapors, dust, and fumes.   The test way to conduct fitness tests is to have them before people wear them at the workplace or in other environments. Read More 

How To Interview Your Building Surveyor

Building surveyors, also known as certifiers, are licenced professionals that ensure construction works abide by the building laws and the construction standards set by local councils. In Australia, building surveyors approve construction blueprints and supervise the construction works. Below is an excerpt discussing some interview questions to help you when hiring a building surveyor for your residential or commercial construction project.  What Are Your Qualifications?  It is probably the most vital consideration when hiring a building surveyor. Read More 

Tips for Hiring a Structural Engineer

A structural engineer is an engineering professional who specialises in determining how safe a residential or commercial structure is. You will need to hire a structural engineer if you intend to undertake major renovation works on your residential premises. The engineer will be in a position to determine the kind of effect that the renovation exercise will have on the structural integrity of your home. Because hiring a structural engineer is not the kind of thing you do every day, here are a few tips that will make the hiring process easier. Read More 

Top Repairs To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

One of your primary concerns when renovating your home should be its energy efficiency. An energy-efficient home design aims to reduce energy consumption. Besides, it also makes your home attractive to potential buyers. The article below discusses how you can improve your home's energy efficiency. Repairs A faulty gutter will splash rainwater on your walls hence making them damp. You may also experience this phenomenon if you have a leaking roof or foundation. Read More 

3 Things to Avoid when Giving Feedback Review for Your Boss

Performance in the workplace is pegged on various factors, the most important of which is the ability for employees to use the feedback of their previous performance. It is for this reason that management often asks employees to give feedback on their fellow employees in various areas. These areas might include but are not limited to time management, teamwork, communication and leadership. However, most employees believe that feedback reviews are only meant for employees and not managers. Read More